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Write a Letter

Learn how to write a personalized letter in support of the Pine Tree Amendment

Letter-Writing ToolKit

This toolkit has been designed for creating eye-catching, soul-warming envelopes and writing letters to Maine legislators, in support of the Pine Tree Amendment (PTA).

The bi-partisan bill (LD 489), sponsored by Senator Chloe Maxmin and amended and passed by the Joint Standing Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources on March 17, 2021, would add to the Maine Constitution’s Bill of Rights “the right to a clean and healthy environment and to the preservation of the natural, cultural and healthful qualities of the environment.” This form of amendment has been proposed and passed in Pennsylvania and Montana.

Personalizing your letter is key. In this toolkit, we’ve included examples and instructions to create fun, personalized, and irresistible letters and envelopes as well as more information on the Pine Tree Amendment.

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