Become an Advocate

Learn how to write a personalized letter in support of the Pine Tree Amendment

Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you become an advocate and organizer for the Pine Tree Amendment, an amendment to the Maine Constitution that would secure the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment for all people in Maine, including future generations.

Did you know it only takes 5 letters or phone calls to a legislator to move them on an issue in Maine? Lawmakers want to hear what their constituents care about most. Everyone has the power to be an advocate, and it can be a lot easier than you think!

This collection of tools will help you learn about the importance of advocacy and provide you with the materials that prepare you to take action by effectively communicating what the Pine Tree Amendment is and why it stands for what is important to you.

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Sector Letters


We have created a wide range of sector letters to amplify the support the Pine Tree Amendment enjoys from youth, farmers, healthcare workers, and more! Every legislator will receive a copy of each letter, signed by people from all across the state, illustrating the key ways in which this letter matters to people in Maine. The more names signed on to each letter the better, so please sign them and encourage other people you know to sign on as well! 

Help show your representatives that the health of Maine's natural resources matter to the people who live here now, and for generations to come.
Find where you identify below and sign today! 

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I am a Young Person

Are you a young person (under 30) worried about what the state of the Earth will be in the future? Do you feel passionate about ensuring the stability of your future and that of your friends or siblings? Please sign onto our youth letter, and join other young people in protecting your future, and that of generations after you! 

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentyouth


I am a Grandparent

Are you a grandparent concerned about your grandchildren’s future? Sign our letter for Grandparents and join other Grandparents in support of protecting your grandchildren’s future! 

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentgrandparents

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I work in the Construction & Landscaping Industry

Are you an electrician, a plumber, or a builder? Do you work in landscaping or stone masonry? Are you a woodworker or a roofer? If any of these or a similar occupation describes you, please sign on to our Construction/Landscaping letter!

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentconstructionlandscaping

Waitress Behind Counter

I work in Maine's Tourism Industry

Do you own or work in a hotel, motel, or restaurant? Do you own an Airbnb? Do you rent out kayaks, lead nature walks, or boating trips? Do you rely on tourists, from away, or from other parts of Maine, to ensure your business thrives? If your profession is related to Tourism in Maine, please sign on to our Tourism Industry letter! 

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmenttourism

Doctor in Uniform

I am a Healthcare Worker

Are you a nurse, doctor, or medical supplier? Are you a dentist or medical specialist? If you work in any part of the healthcare industry, please sign onto our Health Care Worker letter! 

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmenthealthcare

Farmer Holding Goat

I am a Farmer & Gardener

Do you have a commercial-sized or small farm? Do you grow a home garden or raise livestock? If you feel that you fall into any of these categories or a similar category, please sign onto our Farmers and Gardeners letter! 

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentfarmergardener


I am part of the Creative Economy

Are you a visual artist, a theater performer, or a musician? Do you own or work in an art or dance studio? Are you a woodworker or a craftsperson? If creative work and art is important to your identity or your profession is related to any of the above, please sign on to our Creative Economy letter!

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentcreativeeconomy

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I work in Maine's Fishing Industry

Do you fish? Are you a lobsterman or fisherman? Do you farm seaweed or oysters? Do you work in a shop that provides fishing equipment, repairs or stores boats, or sells locally caught seafood? Please join us, and sign onto our Fishing Industry letter!

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentfisheries

Teacher and Student

I am an Educator 

Do you work in an elementary school, a middle or high school, or a college? Do you teach music or art? Do you work at a daycare center or other education center for young children? Are you a tutor? If any of these applies to you, please sign onto our Educator’s letter! 

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmenteducators

Bartender with Beer

I am a Brewer

Do you own a brewery or distillery? Please sign onto our Brewer’s letter! 

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentbrewer

Plant Biologist

I am part of the Science Community

Are you a biologist, marine biologist, or chemist? Do you work in a lab? Do you do field research in Maine? Do you publish or work on scientific publications? Please show your support, and sign onto our science letter!

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentscience


I am a Land or Water Steward- Letter for Individuals

Are you passionate about Maine’s many beautiful waterways and wonderful wilderness space? Do you work for or do volunteer work for a land trust, lake association or organization devoted to protecting our oceans and rivers? If you believe the State of Maine should be constitutionally obligated to conserve, protect and maintain our natural resources for the benefit of all people in Maine, including generations yet to come, please sign on to our Land and Water Stewards (for individuals) letter!

Copy and paste this link to share: bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentlandwaterstewards


We are a Land or Water Steward Organization

Does your organization conserve and protect land and waterways for the benefit of wildlife, ecosystem protection, and residents and visitors who enjoy being outdoors in Maine’s abundant natural beauty? If you would like the State of Maine to join your organization as a steward of Maine’s natural resources, please sign on to our letter from Land and Water Steward Organizations!

Copy and paste this link to share: bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentlandandwaterorgs


I am a Realtor

Are you a realtor? Do you own or work in a title company? Are you a surveyor? If so, please sign on to our letter from real estate businesses.

Copy and paste this link to share: bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentrealtors


I am an Outdoors Enthusiast 

Do you love the outdoors? Are you a bird watcher or hiker? Do you hunt or fish or forage? Do you kayak or row or sail? Do you enjoy camping in Maine? If you love Maine’s outdoors and treasure its natural beauty and abundance, sign onto our outdoor enthusiast's letter!

Copy and paste this link to share: bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentoutdoorenthusiasts

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I am Part of a Faith Community

Are you a minister, a pastor, or other religious leader? Are you an active member in a church or worship space, or a volunteer for a church affiliated organization? If so, please sign on to our faith community letter!

Copy and paste this link to share: bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentfaith


I am a Business Owner

Do you own a business in Maine?  Do you appreciate the quality of life and place that Maine offers?  If you want to ensure that Maine’s natural resources are protected now and for the benefit of future generations, please sign on to our letter from business owners!

Copy and paste this link to share: bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentbusiness

Business Meeting

I am a Business Leader

Are you a business owner, leader, or supporter? Do believe in making Maine a thriving economy, and a great place to live, visit, and do business? Sign on in support of the Pine Tree Amendment today.

Copy and paste this link to share: https://bit.ly/pinetreeamendmentbusinessleaders

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