Become an Advocate

Learn how to write a personalized letter in support of the Pine Tree Amendment

Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you become an advocate and organizer for the Pine Tree Amendment, an amendment to the Maine Constitution that would secure the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment for all people in Maine, including future generations.

Did you know it only takes 5 letters or phone calls to a legislator to move them on an issue in Maine? Lawmakers want to hear what their constituents care about most. Everyone has the power to be an advocate, and it can be a lot easier than you think!

This collection of tools will help you learn about the importance of advocacy and provide you with the materials that prepare you to take action by effectively communicating what the Pine Tree Amendment is and why it stands for what is important to you.

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Sector Letters


We have created a wide range of sector letters to amplify the support the Pine Tree Amendment enjoys from youth, farmers, healthcare workers, and more! Every legislator will receive a copy of each letter, signed by people from all across the state, illustrating the key ways in which this letter matters to people in Maine. The more names signed on to each letter the better, so please sign them and encourage other people you know to sign on as well! 

Help show your representatives that the health of Maine's natural resources matter to the people who live here now, and for generations to come.
Find where you identify below and sign today! 

Don't see a sector letter that you identify with? We're creating more to cover more sectors. If you have a suggestion for another sector letter, or if you'd like to write one yourself for a new sector, please email pinetreeamendment@gmail.com

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